Firm Overview

Lammers & Associates is located in Miami, Florida and works exclusively in the area of Immigration and Nationality Law as well as Family Law and International Business Law. We are committed in offering, to both our corporate as well as our individual clients, personal and professional services to meet their legal needs.

Although our offices are located in Miami, Florida, Immigration Law is federal law and we are well qualified and willing to represent clients in immigration cases throughout the U.S. including traveling to foreign embassies and consulates to personally address any and all possible immigration concerns with our clients.

At Lammers & Associates, we take pride in our hard work, commitment to our clients, ethical approach to the law and our honesty. We are constantly maintaining ourselves and our clients current with any and all new information or changes in immigration law. We believe that an informed client is the best prepared client and one who knows his rights.

Contact us at your earliest convenience for your free consultation. Our attorneys are ready to discuss your legal needs.